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30 Jul 2009 you see sold every year with Halloween costume merchandise were imported from China! Heck, how about such men being Lorena - Bobbit 'd?
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A great listing of Halloween costume ideas. Catagorized and organized! JOHN AND LORENA BOBBITT : John wears pajamas with fake blood on the crotch.
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23 Jun 2009 Do you know where your weenie is? lorena bobbit says: June 23, 2009 at 8:14 pm Guess which OC resident has inspired a halloween costume ?
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Bruce was Lorena Bobbit for the day even though he tried to hide it by the off week Halloween hash showed up across from the chapter house in costume .
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22 Mar 2009 i am Lorena Bobbit every year and i always win contests. .... What were some of your best halloween costumes growing up?
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14 Oct 2008 Appearing in costume as couple only adds to the fun of Halloween . Be sure to know your audience: John and Lorena Bobbitt might go over
An innovative use of pigeon blood
8 Oct 2009 On Tuesday, I counted down the ten worst “sexy” Halloween costumes on also, can we have a Lorena Bobbit costume to go along with?
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His & Hers knives endorsed by O.J. Simpson and Lorena Bobbitt . ..... Hey, hang on to your receipt for that O.J. Simpson Halloween costume you bought.
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21 Oct 2009 *sigh* Old Halloween costumes ... One year my mom dressed me as a .... During high school I have been Lorena Bobbit (I was in my mom's black
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23 Mar 2009 NSFW: Don't Make Me Go All Lorena Bobbit On You! ..... Erin Rose Tollefsen (1) Evilution (1) Evolution of Halloween (1) fantasy (1) Fay Wray
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A huge list of free or 'make your own' Halloween costume ideas. For a couple -John & Lorena Bobbitt . John would wear pajamas with a lot of fake blood on
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Bill and Ben, Bobbits Couple Halloween Costume Lorraina Bobbit and Husband. Chicken Costumes Chicken and Egg, Couple Halloween Costumes
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Judy Bobbit Patterns This pattern is for four great costumes , perfect for Halloween or parties! The designs are for a gypsy, pirate, devil or fairy costume .
Day Of The Woman: NSFW: Don't Make Me Go All Lorena Bobbit On You!
lost his marbles and needs intervention fast before he pulls a Lorraine Bobbit . wearing a Halloween costume that depicted the late Aussie Steve Irwin. We hear people were disgusted and disturbed by Bill's costume choice.
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4 Sep 2009 John and Lorena Bobbit : For him: a cheap outfit, with the crotch An overview of 5 different Halloween costume ideas that you can pull